How we work

We work only with Pioneers

As an AI boutique firm, we dedicate our computational power and our top scientists to 1 project every 4 months and select our customers based on the following 4 criteria:

Full commitment

Algoritmica requires C-Levels or board approval and executive buy-in.

Consider AI a critical asset

The client must consider AI a core asset.

Long term journey

After the Proof of Concept Phase, Algoritmica expects a minimum of 5-year commitment.

IT support team availability

Internal client IT resource and credit experts should consider the Deeploans project a priority.

Technology deployment

  • 1


    Assessing the client's needs, internally-available data and test it on DeepLoans

  • 2

    Proof of Concept

    Deploying DeepLoans Client's instance with selected modules activated

  • 3

    KPI assessment

    Configuring and retraining DeepLoans models according to client's needs and benchmarking KPIs for 3 to 6 months

  • 4


    Upon successful PoC, DeepLoans is integrated with the client's IT systems via existing market infrastructure

  • 5


    Scaling and maintaining DeepLoans