Predictive Analytics to Enhance Resilience

DeepLoans is a Software as a Service (SaaS) for effective credit risk management

DeepLoan is the core product of Algoritmica. By optimising data sourcing and model inventory, DeepLoans streamlines monitoring and loan portfolio management while raising the granularity and accuracy of predictions.

Workflow Example

DeepLoans Product Overview

Model Management

Model Inventory

Model Validation

Model Design


Data Quality

Data Enrichment

Feature Engineering

Single Tenancy, Data Security and Privacy

Single tenancy

Client is served by an isolated, cloud-based set of computing resources, code and storage

Data Security

DeepLoans leverages market infrastructure to pull client's data, which is encrypted both in transit and at rest using best encryption standards

Data Privacy

Client shares only anonymised data with DeepLoans. It belongs to the client only - it is not shared nor sold to any third party, ever