Data Feed Module

This module provides the client with data on +100 million performing and non-performing loans periodically reported during the last 7 years from +250 European banks and financial institutions. 


Each loan is described by +500 metadata features (e.g. borrower information, loan characteristics, collateral information, macro- and micro-economics factors etc.)

Data Catalogue

An example of data and variables accessible via developer-friendly APIs

Loan-level data features (400+)

For more than 100 million loans

Current Interest Rates

Interest rates by loan originator, loan and borrower type


Cash recoveries for defaulted loans by month and collateral type

Borrower Types

By employment status, primary income, geolocation etc.

Economic variables (150+)
EU, Country, Region and Province specific

Unemployment Rates

Labor force who are unemployed and actively seeking work

Economic Sentiment Indexes

Consumer opinions on the outlook of the national economy in Euro area

House Price Indexes

Quarterly indexes that track residential house prices in Euro area

Use Cases

From powering advanced analytics to passing the aggregated data down to your customers

Training and Backtesting

For advance analytics and other risk models

Market Trend Indices

Stay up-to-date with aggregated data by bank, sector, postcode etc.

Transparency and Data Democratisation

Pass insights and data on to your customers and help them benchmark your products