Don’t be blindsided by non-performing loans

Predict your customers’ behaviour. Reduce your losses.

Stay one step ahead.

We help financial institutions monitor behavioural credit risk in the digital era

By accurately predicting defaults and prepayment patterns up to 24 months in advance, your organisation will:


  • Actively manage loan portfolios and free capital that would have been required to cover future losses.
  • Extend your acceptance criteria to underserved customers with limited or no credit history by leveraging a large pool of data 
  • Increase lending volumes by up-selling / cross-selling new products and improving customer experience.
  • Demonstrate technological readiness, turn CAPEX into a ongoing OPEX and meet changing levels of demand more efficiently.
  • Satisfy regulatory expectations.

Data Management

A flexible infrastructure to manage customer data related to retail and SME lending products.

Advanced Analytics

Design, validate and deploy advanced analytics to extract insights and deliver better predictions.

Realtime Data Feed

Standardised granular data for +100 million loans across Europe to be used as benchmark and training set.

Process Automation

Cost-effective monitoring processes and direct connectivity with third-party providers.

User Experience

User-friendly interface for organisation stakeholders who are unacquainted with technology and risk.

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    Who Uses DeepLoans?

    Banks, Neobanks and Loan Originators

    • Early detection and early identification of non-performing loans
    • Improvement of loan origination practises (e.g. faster approval for new credit)
    • More accurate risk pricing
    • Customer segmentation
    • Creation of multiple optimised portfolios in a pre-sale phase
    • Improve provision accuracy (IFRS 9 context)

    Institutional Investors and Asset Managers

    • Portfolio due diligence
    • Price discovery
    • Performance monitoring (prepayments, delinquencies and defaults)

    Arrangers, Rating Agencies, Servicers and Exchanges

    • Pricing and evaluation services
    • Stress-testing and recovery simulations